November 19

Bringing Cathartic Pictures back from the dead – and not just for another romp in genre



The best zombie films not only have you on the edge of your seat, white-knuckled as you grip the armrests preparing for the next gory blow. They also show us something about ourselves and society – the corruption within and the promise that we can (hopefully!) rise above.

The choice for me to reboot Cathartic Pictures, was not dissimilar in purpose. After years in the trenches of feature producing with my most recent being zombie-western Bullets for the Dead, and then a sabbatical working at Film Victoria, it was time for me to return to storytelling. This time with a renewed resolve to create work that not only entertains, but also informs, inspires and champions diversity.

Cathartic Pictures is now launching with a focus on female-driven horror and sci-fi, multicultural drama and environmental impact. Our slate includes fiction features, drama series and documentary.

On the drama slate is Common Ground a 8x1hr family drama series about a group of African Australian families, setting up a farming enterprise in regional Victorian. Our creative team includes Ez Eldin Deng, Dorcas Maphakela, Geskeva Komba, and Andinet Shiferaw, with Clea Frost as Story Developer. Backed by development funds from the ABC’s Fresh Start Fund and Film Victoria. It’s a series full of heart and I am thoroughly enjoying working with our endlessly enthusiastic and talented team of trans-disciplinary creatives.

Clea and I are also developing a number of genre projects including Clea’s The Word; Alex von Hofmann’s Monte Miller shortlisted Locked In and Sophie Overett’s All the Little Fishes.

On the documentary front I am developing A Tree Is For Life (aka the Tree project), with co-producer and documentary stalwart – Norm Wilkinson. A Tree Is For Life is a suite of documentary films that tell the story of trees in different ways to slightly different audiences.

When Norm pitched me this Tree project, I instantly fell in love with it. For him, it’s a legacy project, for his grandkids. For me, it takes me back to my origins – I studied a science degree in zoology and journalism – to tell the intimate story of trees and forests, to inspire change.

And so it begins (again) – Cathartic Pictures has risen and is open for pitches from female writers of horror and sci-fi, and raising philanthropic funds for A Tree Is For Life.

If you would like to connect, send us an email at