June 21

A Tree is for Life invited into DAF environmental incubator



Documentary Australia Foundation has approved A TREE IS FOR LIFE for philanthropic support and invited the project into their environmental incubator (hyperlink: https://documentaryaustralia.com.au/news/environmental-incubator/ ) 

A TREE IS FOR LIFE will span four corners of the globe, showcasing the world’s most iconic trees, and illustrating the need to reset the balance with nature, as trees continue to disappear at an unprecedented rate, impacting global ecosystems, wildlife, food and medicine supplies and climate change. 

Producer Cathy Rodda said, “We are thrilled that the Documentary Australia Foundation has accepted A TREE IS FOR LIFE into their new Environmental Incubator. DAF has supported some of Australia’s most successful environmental documentaries, including BLUE and 2040, and we similarly aim to generate global climate conversations with a new focus on trees and the critical role they play in protecting and enabling all life on the planet.”

Despite the challenging topic of the environmental outlook, Rodda said A TREE IS FOR LIFE paints a positive picture of the possibilities that trees provide.