Bullets for the Dead

James Dalton was a rough-hardened outlaw. Following the death of his wife, Jessica, to a rival gang, Dalton turned to bounty hunting as a path to redemption.

Years later Dalton is escorting his latest bounty, the fiery young redhead, Annie Blake, and her gang of misfits: her eager teenage brother, Karl, the monstrous Norville Sogard and the greying bookish inventor, Shotgun Murphy. However, upon arriving at the train that would see the gang travel to Dalton’s hometown of Blood Gulch, they discover the remains of a horrific massacre. Dalton rescues a preacher, Alan O’Rourke, from the bloodied train and sets out on foot to Blood Gulch to claim his bounty. Before too long the group are fighting for their lives against the living dead who walk the desert plains eating all flesh in their path.

After several vicious and fatal attacks by packs of savage undead, the preacher reveals that he is the cause of the undead plague sweeping the west. In desperation he turned against his faith to black magic in order to save his wife, Caitlin, from death. But by performing this voodoo ritual he accidentally created the first living dead. It was in fact Caitlin that had turned the train into ground zero of an undead outbreak. When the group comes face-to-face with Caitlin, they learn that she intends to lead an army of undead to take back her home and raze Blood Gulch to the ground. The same town they are heading to and the same town that Dalton’s wife is buried. The group fights its way through Caitlin’s horde to safety where they devise a plan.

Dalton, abandoning hope of cashing in on the gang, turns his attention to stopping the resurrection of his wife at the hands of Caitlin and her army. They make it to Blood Gulch after losing half of their group along the way only to find they are too late. Jessica Dalton has already become one of the walking dead. In a final bloody showdown Dalton, O’Rourke, Annie and Shotgun must fight their way through the hordes of undead in Blood Gulch to put both Jessica and Caitlin to rest.