A Tree is for Life

Documentary: A suite of films that explores the science, ecology and history of trees and their relationship with humanity, inspiring us to rethink our choices for our mutual survival.

Common Ground

Drama Series: Five African refugee families find themselves at home on the land in rural Victoria and breathe life into a declining community.

Locked In

Genre:  When a young woman takes on a quiet job nursing an elderly catatonic woman, she becomes the target of a dark entity, and must fight to keep control of her body and mind.

Telling good stories that move people

Cathartic Pictures tells stories for the screen – cinema, television, online and more. We set out to tell a good story and to engage hearts and minds, to entertain, inform, to help make the world a better place, and to build community around our content. We embrace the opportunities in diverse storytelling and have a passion for the planet, which has led us to focus on female driven horror and sci fi, multicultural drama with heart, and environmental impact.

Our Team


Founder and Producer

Jim Carson


Producer Placement

Julia Hardy


Consultant Story Developer

Peter Dawson

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