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A Tree is for Life - Documentary

Part love-letter, part wake-up call, this suite of documentary films invites us to rediscover our relationship with trees, to explore the complexities of how they work and how we live together, and to inspire positive, achievable action for the planet and future generations.

A Tree Is For Life (90" feature) is an evocative, cinematic film exploring the magnificence of trees and our relationship with them, physically, historically, spiritually, ecologically. 

Why Trees Matter (4x1hr) is a visually-stunning TV series exploring the story and science of trees and their relationship to humanity through the elements of Earth, Water, Air and Fire. 

Timbre explores ethically sourced and sustainable wood instruments, and the impacts for music and forests. As traditional timbers become endangered, are artists aware of ethical sourcing, who’s ahead of the curve, and does using sustainable wood compromise music, or will it mark a new moment for the industry – and forests?

Swamp is an immersive 360° VR film that takes us into the rich and diverse ecosystem of a mangrove forest, below and above water. 

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Common Ground - TV Drama Series

A group of African Australian families, survivors of war, famine, refugee camps, and isolation in a foreign city, return to their agricultural roots to set up a farming enterprise in regional Victorian. Inspired by numerous true stories, Common Ground is a 8x1hr family drama series full of heart and attitude, music, love, in a search for peace, freedom and a sense of belonging. Our creative team includes Ez Eldin Deng, Dorcas Maphakela, Geskeva Komba, and Andinet Shiferaw, with Clea Frost as Story Developer.

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Locked In - Feature Film

Charlie, a nurse paying her own way through med school and barely getting by, takes a well-paying job nursing an old woman with Locked In syndrome, a condition that has rendered the woman catatonic but supposedly aware under the surface. Charlie develops a growing certainty that the woman is trying to reach out to her. But there is a dark secret to the woman’s condition and the gloomy house - a lurking evil has grown attached to her and the longer Charlie stays the less likely she will ever be able to leave.

Writer/Director: Alex von Hofmann, shortlisted Monte Miller 2018.